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1-866-LAPBAND - Satisfaction

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Meeting your needs is our top concern. We want to be sure that you are completely satisfied with our services and the care that you receive. We encourage you - at any time - to let us know if there is something extra we can do to help make your stay more satisfying.

Also, please let any of our staff know immediately if you are not satisfied or are having any problems with our services or facilities. We are proud of our quick response to the needs of our patients, so don't hesitate to tell us how we're doing!


LAP-BAND® System Patient Brooke, lost 160 lbs:
"I was tired of living life at 292 lbs. I had success with other weight-loss methods, but none of them worked long-term. I have a son whom I did not want to embarrass one day. I wanted to be around to enjoy him growing up, to see him graduate and get married. I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted the woman on the outside to match the one on the inside.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Dan, lost 170 lbs:
Growing up my activities kept me in shape and my weight down. When I got out of school I got out of sports, other priorities took over my life and the weight piled on. I tried all the fad diets, most with little or no success. I then I learned about the LAP-BAND® System. At first I had trouble believing that with the LAP-BAND® the weight would not come back, that it was not a diet but a tool, and that I was in total control of my weight loss.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Cyndi, lost 115 lbs:
At 291 lbs I feared my son would soon be embarrassed to have a severely overweight mom and maybe even start to resent me. Other sincere efforts to lose weight were not working and I knew I had to do something. I started looking into gastric bypass but was not impressed with the idea of having my insides rearranged. I chose the LAP-BAND® because it is minimally invasive and can be adjusted.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Alan, lost 133 lbs:
Being large most of my adult life, I had grown comfortable with my size, but as I grew older my body had become a burden. At 345 lbs I had developed Type II diabetes. As a result, I had to take medication 4 times a day and developed diabetic neuropathy in my fingers and feet. My doctors informed me that I would only be able to sustain any quality of life for the next 8-10 years; all of this due to my weight. My only option was permanent weight loss.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Elma, lost 135 lbs:
"Before my surgery, I spent 20 years feeling ashamed of how I looked. I was miserable. Every joint in my body hurt from packing around the weight. In January 2001, I decided to have LAP-BAND® surgery. I am now wearing size 10 clothes, and that is smaller than I thought I would be when I was all done losing weight!

LAP-BAND® System Patient Rebecca, lost 110 lbs:
Most diet plans were too hard for me to stick to long term; I would lose weight but I always gained it back the minute I went off the plan. I felt isolated, and physically I had knee and back pain, chronic GERD and asthma. My father, a physician who had seen me struggle my whole life, told me about the LAP-BAND® System and encouraged me to look into it. I learned that if you are ready and willing to commit to a new lifestyle, then the LAP-BAND® is right for you.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Frank, lost 135 lbs:
"I enjoy backpacking and scuba diving. As I got heavier, it became increasingly more difficult for me to be active. I tried everything and was dedicated to losing weight - but nothing worked. I didn't want to wind up with health problems. I am married and wanted to start a family. I felt as if I was losing control of my life, despite all of my efforts.

LAP-BAND® System Patient Lisa, lost 140 lbs:
"I struggled with my weight my entire life. I tried everything, every diet and exercise combination imaginable, but had managed to diet my way to over 300 lbs. At that weight, life was a struggle. Even though I was young, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic and suffered from constant lower back pain.